The story of an Israeli-backed militiaman and murderer who kidnapped me in Lebanon and ended up selling ice cream to children on the streets of Detroit.


“Nobody [in Egypt] sees this as an acceptable profession. It’s degrading for them. They go into it for the same reasons as a woman in the US goes into prostitution,” said Luna, an American dancer and Harvard graduate who originally moved to Cairo to write a book, which she put off due to her successful dancing career.


To get to Al’s tattoo shop, you have to know someone. He doesn’t exactly take walk-ins and you won’t even get a response if someone doesn’t vouch for you.



It’s a relief, realising that you’re not going to burn to death in the back of an Egyptian prison van. However, witnessing an attempted rape moments later brings you straight back to the immediate reality of the situation, which – for me – was being held prisoner in Cairo during the bloodiest fighting in Egypt’s recent history.  

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Early yesterday morning VICE was anonymously furnished with documents that link a California resident man named Robert Brownell (aka Robert Brown)— to the pre-production of Innocence of Muslims, the F-grade anti-Islamic film that has resulted in the killing of US ambassador Christian J. Stevens in Benghazi, Libya, and widespread protests in the region, as well as violent protest at and around the US embassies in Sanna, Yemen and Cairo, Egypt.

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